Rubber Mulch Calculator

Rubber mulch can be a great choice for covering and protecting many of your outdoor projects, but how do you know how much you’ll need? With RMPUSA’s rubber mulch coverage calculator (see below), you’ll be able to determine the exact amount of rubber mulch needed for your project.

There are many usages of rubber mulch such as landscapinggardensplaygroundsequestrian arenas, ballistic and artificial turf athletic fields. Knowing the type of area you’re covering also is important because covering a playground or athletic field will differ gardens or landscaping.

Using the rubber mulch calculator makes it easy to figure out how much rubber mulch you’ll need for your outdoor project. Just enter the area of the space you wish to cover, your preferred depth and the type of mulch you need. Our landscaping or playground mulch calculator will let you know how many pounds of product is needed to cover that area.

Still have questions? Not sure what depth is best? Speak with one of our experts to discuss your application and make your project a reality. Call (888) 660-2451 or email us at [email protected].

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