Bulk Rubber Mulch

Crumb Rubber Infill For Artificial Turf

The benefits of an artificial turf playing surface are numerous: Artificial turf offers a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to natural turf playing surfaces that looks great no matter what time of year it is. Beyond that, it helps boost player performance and reduces the risk of injuries. Having high-quality crumb rubber infill for artificial turf enhances those advantages, and RMPUSA is your source for bulk crumb rubber you can use for artificial turf infill at wholesale prices.

Turf Infill for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Fields – For football and soccer fields that have artificial surfaces, crumb rubber is used as infill between the turf fibers providing excellent drainage and a cushioning surface for the athletes. Crumb rubber is safe, non toxic and non abrasive.

Natural Turf Fields – The use of crumb rubber as topdressing for aerification is instrumental in aiding the turf. It will provide a reduction in soil compaction, improves drainage, extends the turf life, and reduces bare spots. It can be used as a soil amendment during grow-in as well. With reduced soil compaction and improved drainage, the natural turf fields will provide a safer surface for the athletes and extend the playing season of the fields.

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Golf Courses

Greens – Ideal for all areas of a golf course, crumb rubber will improve turf conditions, provide better drainage and aids in playability. Those who have used crumb rubber say it improves turf's wear resistance by forming a layer that protects the crown against heavy traffic. Green colored crumb rubber is available as well.

High Traffic Areas – Start using crumb rubber on your cart path scatter areas, standing areas around the tee boxes, green to tee walkways and other traffic areas for improved turf and course appearance in one season.

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Parks & Lawns

Park & Lawn

Parks – Crumb rubber is a fantastic soil amendment for high traffic areas, increasing the beauty and extending the life of the turf. Avoid those worn out areas with mud puddles by using crumb rubber. It can be used as a soil amendment during grow-in as well.

Lawns – Grass walkways and other high traffic can benefit from top dressing with crumb rubber. It provides a reduction in soil compaction and bare spots while improving drainage and extending the turf life.

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Molded Products

Rubber Molded Border

Crumb rubber can be used as a raw material in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products.

  • Rubber floor mats
  • Railroad ties
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Acoustical underlay
  • Portable speed bumps
  • Weightlifting plates

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Playground and Landscaping Mulch

Playground – RMPUSA offers our playground mulch in 9 colors that won't be faded and dull a month after installing it.

Rubber Mulch absorbs shock better than sand, wood mulch or pour-in-place surfaces which should result in fewer injuries due to falling. More Info

Landscaping – The best landscapers and gardeners know that wood mulch can attract pests, foster mosquito nesting, cause splinters, and be very uncomfortable to garden on. You can use less mulch to cover your ground, and without settling, rot and wind displacement, you will find that your garden looks as good at the end of the season as it did at the beginning. More Info

Equestrian – Rubber arena footing helps prevent stress-related injuries by offering a firm, but forgiving surface for both horse and rider. The elastic surface allows for excellent traction and shock-absorption, allowing rider and horse to perform at their best for years to come. More Info

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Asphalt Rubber

Rubberized asphalt is a high-performance alternative to traditional paving material. As a mix of asphalt and recycled rubber derived from scrap tires, rubberized asphalt is longer lasting, safer, less costly, and friendlier to the environment.

Rubberized asphalt:

  • Enhances nighttime visibility
  • Improves resistance to cracking, rutting
  • Ages and oxidizes at a slower pace
  • Reduces tire noise
  • Decreases splash and spray when wet
Rubberized Asphalt Concrete is a proven product--one that has many benefits, including being cost effective, durable, safe, quiet, and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional road paving materials. Cal Recycle

Rubberized asphalt diminishes maintenance costs and provides a smoother, safer ride for motorists. And rubberized asphalt is laid using the same equipment as traditional asphalt, requiring no additional capital investment for contractors or municipalities.

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What Is Crumb Rubber?

Crumb rubber is made from recycled tires — after the steel belts and cords are removed from old tires, they are ground to create a spongy, soft material that can be utilized for a variety of applications. In addition to being used as infill for artificial and natural turf athletic fields, crumb rubber is used as an asphalt additive, as a non-slip additive to paint, and in various original equipment manufacturer processes.

How Is Crumb Rubber Used on Athletic Fields?

Crumb rubber is used frequently as infill on artificial and natural turf playing fields, where it fills in-between the turf fibers or grass to provide numerous benefits to athletes and groundskeepers. Crumb rubber for turf can be found in virtually all types of playing surfaces or athletic fields, including:

  • Golf courses
  • Equestrian riding rings
  • Baseball and softball fields
  • Field hockey fields
  • Running tracks
  • Polo fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Recreational areas
  • High-traffic areas on lawns

What Are the Benefits of Crumb Rubber Infill?

Whether used on artificial turf surfaces or natural turf, crumb rubber can provide significant benefits to those who use the fields as well as for those who maintain them. Here’s how crumb rubber infill can enhance playing surfaces:

  • Artificial turf: Artificial turf playing surfaces such as football and soccer fields benefit from crumb rubber because the material provides a softer field for players. This reduces the risk of injuries and helps players prevent excessive wear and tear on their joints. Crumb rubber infill also serves to help provide better drainage, keeping fields free of mud and preventing damage caused by freezing. Groundskeepers also appreciate how artificial turf fields containing crumb rubber infield dry faster after rain and produce less dust in dry conditions. With crumb rubber infill, artificial turf surfaces are safe to play on practically all year. What’s more, they don’t have many of the problems associated with natural turf — such as mold, mildew and the need for harmful chemicals.
  • Natural turf: Even natural turf fields can benefit from the use of crumb rubber infill. When spread onto a natural turf field, crumb rubber infill helps to aerate the soil and prevent soil compaction. This can extend the life of the turf and reduces bare spots caused by dying grass, while also providing the same benefits to athletes using the fields as with artificial surfaces.

Is Crumb Rubber Infill Safe?

Because it is made from recycled tires, crumb rubber is an environmentally responsible material, keeping millions of unwanted tires out of landfills. The material has been proven safe for people of all ages, making it a great choice for a wide variety of applications and uses.

Buy Crumb Rubber in Bulk From RMPUSA

RMPUSA sells a wide variety of crumb rubber sizes for a number of applications. Plus, our wholesale pricing makes us a great resource for anyone who needs to purchase crumb rubber infill in bulk quantities. If you need crumb rubber infill for an athletic field, playground or any other type of application, contact us today to find out how we can help meet your needs.