Landscape Rubber Mulch

Landscape Rubber Mulch

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Save money when buying multiple pallets!

*Each pallet is approximately 2,000 lbs.

Beautify your flower beds and landscaping areas with the safe, sustainable, non-toxic surfacing choice: rubber mulch that’s specifically designed for outdoor applications. Rubber landscape mulch is not only an attractive surfacing solution available in six colors, but it’s also easy to maintain, good for the soil, and able to protect against weeds and pests. Naturally resistant to bugs and other critters, it doesn’t hold water, so it prevents mold and mildew from developing and harming plants. Rubber landscape mulch is a smart surfacing solution that saves time and money while creating a high-end look. When you’re trying to find professional-quality landscape mulch in bulk sizes and wholesale prices, come to RMPUSA. We’re your top resource for quality mulch at affordable prices, shipped straight to your site. Learn more about the benefits and uses of our rubber mulch below.

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Each pallet has approximately 2,000 lbs. of material and you can order up to 4 pallets using our simple checkout process.

For orders needing larger quantities or less than a full pallet call us directly at: (888) 660-2451 or click here to request a quote! 

Rubber mulch is the No. 1 choice of professional landscapers today wanting a durable, beautiful, eco-friendly and low-maintenance groundcover — and it’s easy to see why. Naturally heavy, rubber mulch never rots or settles, requires little to no upkeep, and protects against pests and insects. Take your pick of colors to turn your plant beds into a prettier, more protected space.

Some of the key benefits of our affordable rubber mulch solutions include:

  • Heavy, durable material
  • Made from the rubber in recycled tires
  • 99.9% free of metals
  • Completely non-toxic and non-staining
  • Low-maintenance
  • Ideal groundcover
  • Never rots, settles or blows away
  • Naturally pest- and insect-resistant
  • A way to avoid using pesticides
  • Doesn’t hold water that leads to mold
  • Metal- and splinter-free
  • Available in six long-lasting colors
  • A distinctive look that doesn’t have to be regularly refreshed
  • Works in both residential and commercial gardens
  • Comes with a 10-year limited guarantee

Our customers have used landscaping mulch for flower beds, trees, walkways, driveways and more. They love that the heavy weight of the mulch means they don’t lose groundcover through changing seasons. Likewise, they appreciate that there’s no rot, settlement, displacement or pests to deal with over time.

Shredded rubber landscape mulch is the perfect choice for a garden, as it’s non-toxic and free of metals and splinters. Plus, because our mulch comes in various colors (none of which will stain clothing), it’s easy to adapt to your site. As an added perk, when buying from RMPUSA, you get a 15-year limited guarantee on your purchase.

There’s no better option for landscaping groundcover! Use rubber mulch:

  • In gardens
  • In flower or landscaping beds
  • Around plants and shrubs
  • To control and kill weeds
  • On slopes or flood-prone areas
  • For informal outdoor paths

As a Florida-based national distributor of recycled rubber products, RMPUSA is the place to go for great prices on quality mulch catered to your property. Our company specializes in providing recycled rubber landscape mulch to customers throughout the country, from California to New England. We offer factory-direct shipping from eight states to reduce your costs. We also distribute mulch by the pallet to retailers, landscapers and consumers such as schools and churches. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to get quality mulch at affordable prices, we offer wholesale prices direct to the public. When you’re looking for an eco-friendly groundcover that’s ideal for commercial and residential landscaping, look no further than this choice. Search our website to learn more about the landscape rubber mulch we offer or contact us today to place an order!

Available in multiple colors!

Black Shredded Rubber Mulch
Blue Shredded Rubber Mulch


Green Shredded Rubber Mulch


Red Shredded Rubber Mulch


Natural Black Shredded Rubber Mulch

Natural (Unpainted) Black*

* = Our premium rubber mulch is made from recycled tires. Our natural, unpainted black option includes no additional coloring which creates a salt and pepper black, grey and white mixture of rubber mulch.