Rubber Mulch Curbs

Rubber Borders For Rubber Mulch

A question often asked concerning rubber mulch for playgrounds is: how is the mulch contained? The answer most companies provide is quite simply: “by a border”. The more specific answer should be: “by a rubber border”.

Unfortunately while kids are playing in a playground environment, they will often trip and fall and as a result may impact the border. Most borders are often made from wood and hard plastic which could cause severe damage if a child hits his or her head or extremities on these types of surfaces. Rubber borders are not only softer than wood and hard plastic borders, but they are also more flexible to bend and can create round playgrounds.

RMPUSA offers rubber borders in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your safety, aesthetic and functionality needs for your playground. Rubber Borders

If you are going to the expense of adding rubber mulch to your playground for the safety of the children, the smart thing to do is add rubber borders as well. Not only will you have “peace of mind” from injury, but also a sense of security in today’s litigious society that you have done everything possible to prevent neglect.

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