Bulk Rubber Mulch

There is a reason that schools, day-care facilities and church playgrounds throughout North America choose RMP playground surface. It offers the extra margin of safety and greater peace of mind that organizations entrusted with the safety of children are looking for.

Swing Mats \ Slide Mats

Use these rubber mats under swings and at the end of slides to reduce movement, shifting, and displacement.

3' L  x  2' W  x  1" H     $55.00
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black
4' L  x  2' W x 1" H       $69.00
4' L  x  2' W  x  2" H     $89.00
5' L  x  3' W  x  2" H     $149.00
Colors: Red, Green, Brown, Black

Plastic Interlocking Timber Borders

Easy installation is done with included galvanized steel spikes. Sold in 52" sections with pin placement @ 48” Centers.

52" L  x  4" W  x  8" H     $29.99
52" L  x  4" W  x  12" H     $32.99
Colors: Black

Landscaping Rubber Borders

Easy installation is done with included rubber stakes. Sold in four foot sections, our borders are made of recycled materials to complement our mulch.

4' L  x  4" W  x  3" H     $14.95
Colors: Red, Brown

Playground Area Rubber Borders

A safer option than wood or plastic, try our 100% recycled rubber borders to add a beautiful and professional finish to playground areas.

8' L  x  4" W  x  4" H     $44.99
8' L  x  4" W  x  6" H     $59.99
8' L  x  6" W  x  8" H     $79.99
Colors: Red, Green, Brown

Weed Barriers

Try our commercial grade weed barriers to maximize drainage and minimize weed growth in your next landscaping project. Sold to you with a 25 year warranty, weed barrier is available in rolls of 400 square feet
400 Sq.Ft.- 4 x 100 ft.    $39.99