Bulk Rubber Mulch

Rubber Playground Mats And Borders

Rubber playground mats and rubber landscape borders do more than enhance the look of a playground or other outdoor space: They also help contribute to a safer place for children to play, recycle materials that would otherwise be in landfills, and reduce maintenance needs. RMPUSA has the most comprehensive assortment of outdoor rubber mats, rubber landscape edging, weed barriers and other products to keep playgrounds safe, clean and attractive.

Here's a brief overview of everything we have for your outdoor space:

Swing Mats and Slide Mats

Recycled rubber mulch mats placed underneath playground equipment such as swings and slides provide a soft landing for kids and help prevent injuries. They also help prevent movement, shifting and displacement of mulch underneath this equipment, making maintenance easier. RMPUSA offers rubber mulch mats in a variety of sizes and colors to meet virtually any need.

Plastic Interlocking Timber Borders

These borders can serve to enclose a playground area or landscaping. They can help ensure that mulch stays in place, while defining the edge of the play area. Our interlocking plastic timber borders can be installed easily with the galvanized steel spikes included, so you can quickly border your playground area.

Landscaping Rubber Borders

Our rubber landscape edging borders are a durable, versatile choice for bordering play areas and protecting landscaping. The 4-foot sections are installed easily with the included rubber stakes and are made of recycled materials. With recycled rubber mulch edging from RPMUSA, you have an easy and attractive way to keep landscaping in place.

Playground Area Rubber Borders

A rubber curb can be a safer option than wood, plastic or concrete because it is much softer and isn't as likely to injure a child who falls against it. Available in a variety of lengths and colors, RPMUSA's rubber playground borders bring an appealing and professional finish to any type of playground area.

Weed Barriers

Commercial-grade weed barriers from RPMUSA help prevent weed growth while also maximizing drainage for almost any type of landscaping project. Available in 400-square-foot rolls, our weed barrier comes with a 25-year warranty. Thus, you can be confident that you will have a worry-free solution to your outdoor area's weed issues for a long time.

Having the right playground mats, borders and edging does so much more for your outdoor space than keep it attractive. Choosing recycled rubber products from RPMUSA can be an affordable, environmentally conscious option for keeping your playground or other outdoor area safe with minimal maintenance. Because our rubber products are made with recycled materials, you can rest easy knowing that they're manufactured with the most environmentally responsible methods.

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