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Why Your Playground Needs Rubber Mulch

Playground rubber mulch is an excellent choice for play areas or landscaping because it offers a safe, soft, and durable surface that’s eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It’s made from recycled tires, so you can feel good about reducing your environmental impact. Plus, this resilient playground material provides enhanced safety features that meet ASTM standards for shock absorption, cushioning, and traction.

It’s not just about safety though, playground rubber mulch also has several other benefits that make it an attractive option for playgrounds. First, it’s much more durable than traditional wood chips and can last up to 12 years even with heavy use. This means less time and money spent on maintenance and upkeep of your playground surfaces. Additionally, rubber mulch provides better drainage than other materials like wood chips so there will be less worry about puddles forming after it rains or snow melts in colder climates. Finally, this material is also more aesthetically pleasing than wood chips since its color won’t fade over time due to exposure to the sun and weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for parks looking to preserve a vibrant look over long periods of time.

Rubber mulch is also extremely low maintenance compared to other materials like wood mulch or wood chips. Not only does it require no regular maintenance like renewing or replacing the material every year, but it also won’t decay over time like wood materials do. Rubber mulch also won’t attract pests like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that can be found in traditional organic materials such as cypress bark and pine straw.

When installing rubber mulch, you’ll need less of it than other materials due to its high density – making it an affordable option. Another great benefit of rubber mulch is that it doesn’t float away in the rain or wind! That means you won’t have to worry about the mulch moving around after a heavy downpour or strong gusts of wind. Furthermore, this type of playground material has a long life span because its resilient nature resists fading from UV ray exposure better than organic options which often fade quickly in direct sunlight.

Finally, rubber mulch gives you the most bang for your buck when used in playgrounds since its ability to reduce impact has been proven with testing according to ASTM standards. Its protective qualities make it ideal for use around play equipment where children might fall – providing them with a softer landing than hard surfaces beneath their feet will give them!

Plus, if you’re looking for something that looks good too – rubber mulch comes in many colors so you can find just the right hue to match your décor and create an attractive look around your play area. So why wait? Playground rubber mulch offers numerous benefits without sacrificing safety standards while making sure kids are safe while they play!

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