Things to consider when purchasing rubber mulch

Thinking about using rubber mulch in your next landscaping, playground or horse arena? Here are some tips.

Project Specifications
The project requirements and specifications will depend on the application of rubber mulch and your budget for it. There are many applications for rubber mulch such as playgrounds, landscapes, horse arenas and stalls, shooting ranges, and ballistic applications. If you are unsure of the quantity required for your project, we can help! You can use our online mulch calculator by inputting the length, width, and depth. If you need further assistance just give us a call and one of our experienced sales reps can walk you through the process.

Rubber mulch can be more expensive than traditional ground covering, but the durability and ease of installation more than make up for it. However, it’s good to determine which product gives you the best value for what you pay for. Do a comparative check of different kinds of mulch and its benefits. Rubber nuggets are a great choice for many reasons such as density. Because the product is heavy it makes it ideal for different weather conditions, ensuring the product stays in place. Also, the paint is bonded to the mulch which makes fading more difficult. Rubber mulch can last 12 or more years versus traditional mulch which needs to be prepared 1-3 years.

Aesthetically Pleasing
You would want your rubber mulch to suit your personality, theme, and the purpose of the project you will undertake. Some people prefer green outdoor rubber mulch to match the shrubbery and foliage of their gardens, while others like a contrasting and bright color like blue to highlight the pool area. Whatever your preference might be, it’s good to know if the product is covered by a warranty that ensures the mulch won’t fade, warp, get brittle, or lose its overall visual appeal in a short time. Additionally, it’s imperative to ask if the mulch is IPEMA certified and meets ADA standards especially if using the mulch for a playground.

Make sure to look for a product that offers at least two years’ worth. It can show confidence on the part of the manufacturers that their rubber mulch is as strong, water permeable, and has passed high safety standards.

Durability and Safety
Rubber mulch is deceptively light and requires very little maintenance, but don’t let that fool you it’s dense. This means it has the ability to stay in place and provide superior traction making it appropriate for very young kids, the elderly, and horse arenas.

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