Rubber Mulch for Landscaping

The Pros Of Utilizing Rubber Mulch For Landscaping

If you’re looking for a durable, attractive, low-maintenance landscaping material, you can’t go wrong with rubber landscape mulch. Made to beautify and add value to flower beds and gardens, this groundcover is perfect for a variety of outdoor applications. Even better, it’s as good for the environment as it is for aesthetics!

Today, rubber mulch is the top choice of professional landscapers. Why? Simply put, it’s the best and most versatile option for a variety of planting projects. Whether you’re planting at a home or business, rubber mulch offers a clean-looking, low-maintenance, affordable groundcover.

Benefits of Landscape Mulch

Whether you’re new to rubber mulch or just curious about its advantages, here’s a look at its many benefits:

  • It repurposes tire waste. Made from recycled tires, rubber mulch is an eco-friendly landscaping option that turns trash into something useful.
  • It’s made to last. One of the best features of rubber mulch is how long it lasts. Forget replacing mulch every few years; this material typically works for a decade or longer.
  • It’s heavy and durable. Rubber landscape mulch is a sturdy, hefty material that will stay where you want it.
  • It maximizes water to plants. Unlike wood landscape mulch, rubber mulch is highly permeable. This means it doesn’t absorb water that comes into your landscaping beds. Rather, it lets that water go straight to your plants.
  • It inhibits mold and fungi. Rubber mulch also works against the growth of mold or fungi in your landscaping — a perk that can reduce or prevent allergies.
  • It prevents weed growth. Anywhere you add plants, you have to be cautious of weeds. Rubber mulch is an obvious asset as it’s weed-resistant. Able to trap and dehydrate weeds before they can germinate, it’s great at improving your plant areas.
  • It doesn’t attract bugs. Rubber mulch does not feed termites or carpenter ants like wood mulch. This is another reason it’s so durable.
  • It requires little maintenance. Even though it lasts for at least 10 years, rubber mulch requires less maintenance than typical organic mulches. It can hold up throughout changing seasons and weather conditions, without requiring ongoing intervention.
  • It comes in multiple colors. RMPUSA offers rubber mulch in six colors. Choose from dark brown, black, cypress, red, green or blue.

In addition to the above benefits, shredded rubber landscape mulch from RMPUSA is completely non-toxic and non-staining, 99.9% free of metals, and a way to avoid pesticides. For the kind of landscape rubber mulch that can truly improve your commercial or residential outdoor areas, come to us. As a Florida-based national distributor of recycled rubber products, we distribute by the pallet to retailers, landscapers and consumers nationwide. We ship quickly, and our wholesale prices mean significant savings for you.

Browse our website to learn more, and contact us anytime to place an order!

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