Rubber Mulch a Great Option for Horses

Rubber mulch can be a great addition to your horse arena especially if mixed with sand. It can reduce compaction and help to keep the footing loose. It also provides cushion to reduce stress and concussion on the legs without sacrificing properties that provide stability and traction to a successful footing. Rubber is known for its shock absorbency and its ability to keep dust down which is often a common issue for horse lovers. 

Rubber is a nonorganic material that makes a more durable and stable solution compared to other footing options. It also prevents issues such as attracting bugs or fungi, and rodent infestation. While the product can break down over time, it’s a very slow process.  

 One of the main benefits of using rubber footing is that it can greatly reduce how often you need to water your arena. That’s because the dense rubber nuggets prevent moisture from escaping, so you can cut back on your maintenance needs. It’s the perfect solution that reduces replacement costs by thousands of dollars. Our product is 99.99% wire-free, non-toxic, and comes with a 12-year warranty. Our rubber material ranges in size, from 1/2″ to 3/4″. The rubber particles typically have a roundish, irregular shape. 

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