Proven techniques to help make your rubber mulch purchase experience a breeze

When it comes down to making the right decision to purchase Rubber Mulch, most people feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there, not to mention, the process that is being presented to them. Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone! Whether you are a Landscape Company, Park District, Homeowners Association, Municipality, Educational System, Equestrian Center, or a Direct Consumer looking to enhance your personal residence, purchasing Rubber Mulch couldn’t be easier.

Let’s begin by introducing you to what Rubber Mulch is. Generally, Rubber Mulch consists of either waste tire buffing or nuggets of rubber from ground up tires. Before the ground up phase takes place, they’ll have their steel bands removed. RMP USA’s Rubber Mulch is 99.9% metal free! The process is quick and delivered in small fine pieces, called Nuggets. The product is delivered on pallets close to 2000lbs. Each pallet holds 50 bags, each bag weighs 40lbs or 1 Large Super Sack is also close to 2000lbs.

Rubber Mulch Companies First Need To Know:

  • Your Measurements or Total Square Footage
  • Project- Landscape or Playground (if for Playground, what’s the age of the children? This helps determine the depth, if it’s being used for Landscape, the recommended depth is 2 inches).
  • Color

Whether it’s an online quote inquiry or verbal communication, once your Rubber Mulch needs have been communicated to the Rubber Mulch Company or a Professional Representative, they’ll be able to get your quote underway as soon as possible, in order to provide you one of the best quotes out there.

How Can Rubber Mulch Improve Your Children’s Playtime:

By now most of us know children will be children, so the risk of getting hurt on the playground is high, especially on the playground. Let’s not forget, having fun and laughter are a part of this joyous experience as well as swinging, running, jumping, rolling, just to name a few good feels. However, when an injury occurs those good feels come to a crashing halt, as a result, steeling away any joy a child could feel. Approximately 70% of play area activity is related to falls being the primary culprit. By having your play set settle on grass, cement, or dirt, you’re taking a big injury risk for your children. No parent wants to think about this happening, however, as you may recall, we were once kids & some of us sustained injury. Therefore, it’s safe to say, some of us know how accidents can happen on the playground. We may even still have the scars to show. There’s no better time to change playground experience than now! By purchasing Playground Rubber Mulch, you will be providing your children a healthy, protective service.

When using Rubber Mulch, you will soon realize all the wonderful benefits that can help minimize the play accidents and increase the fun! There are many benefits to owning your Rubber Mulch, just to name a few…



Picture this, you’re inside preparing a family meal while your kids are outside playing, just knowing you’ve placed Rubber Mulch down can give you a sense of peace that the Rubber Mulch is there to protect your kids. The chances of them falling and wounding parts of their body will be slim. Feeling comfort in your child’s safety is peaceful. Should your child fall and hit their head, scrape their knees and gosh knows what else can happen, you would know it could’ve been worse if the platform was a harder surface or of a different material. The fall absorbing attribute of the Rubber Mulch can provide the appropriate requirements. Keep in mind, installation is key. You’ll need to make certain that it’s installed correctly, to help with the impact of the fall.
When it comes to fall safety height requirements for playgrounds, the rule is, every inch of Rubber Mulch equals 2 feet of fall safety. Remember, the playground is meant for FUN NOT WORRY! Your children will love you for it!


If you’re anything like me, I squirm at the sight of any small little creepy crawler in my home or out. I’ll spare you on the inappropriate language I use, as I’m trying to figure out how to remove the little critter and all the while avoiding ending its life. I must say, this proves to be challenging at times. I ask myself, if I feel a certain discomfort about this, why on earth would I want to expose my children to it? It’s important to keep in mind that regular wood mulch and straw mulch attracts termites, weevils, mice, and ants, amongst others. For these little critters, wood mulch serves as a source of food and/or protection. If you keep the wood mulch too close to your home, then you can imagine what could possibly happen in your home. I certainly don’t have time to chase them around in my house and I’d be willing to bet, you may not either. Rubber Mulch, however, won’t attract un-invited bugs and it doesn’t offer the critters anything that they would be attracted to. Since Rubber Mulch filters moisture extremely well, you can feel confident that small miniature ponds of water won’t be created for mosquitos to breed and frolic in. Everyone will be grateful.


As parents worry about their child’s safety towards most things, this is one area where you can set your worries down. Rubber Mulch has softness and springiness to it, which helps break a hard fall. Your children will love the fact that it has bounce and durability, which allows comfort on your children’s feet, ankles, and legs. This will offer them a fun opportunity to hop and jump just a little higher than if they were playing on a hard surface.



Not sure about you, but when I was growing up, I had many opportunities to play on the playground and it was just that…play“GROUND”, OUCH!. While most play experiences were in the public sector and on a hard ground surface (asphalt or cement), at times it was in someone’s back yard on grass as well. You can imagine my MOM’s face as I walked in the house all muddied up, she didn’t appreciate it. Yes, it was a wet & drab experience, and we didn’t have many options to choose from, as we do today. The beautiful, vibrant, bright colors of RED, BROWN, GREEN, BLACK, BLUE will make any child feel joy and happiness while enjoying their activity on the playground. We here at RMP USA also sell Unpainted Black, (looks like your used car tire), which some customers will order. The colors won’t bleed on to your children’s clothes and will stand the test of time. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and in some instances, up to a 12- year manufacturer’s warranty, with your TLC.


Traditional mulches such as wood mulch, pebble, sand, asphalt, concrete, grass, or soil are often used for playgrounds. When it comes to weather conditions, over time the rain can affect these materials making the surface threatening to walk on. Over the years, what we’ve noticed, is that Rubber Mulch has become very popular among the public due to its absorbency, because its moisture resistant, in comparison to all the other materials mentioned. It’ll hold up well in bad weather conditions, including heavy winds. In other words, the Rubber Mulch is more likely to stay in place in comparison to any organic footing material. Rubber Mulch will hold its shape and continue to provide you with the appearance and dependability you need.

Before making a quick rash decision, take your time and consider all the factors discussed above. And get ready to have a profound positive Rubber Mulch experience, that will pleasantly surprise you!

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