Playground Rubber Mulch

Learn How To Determine How Much Rubber Mulch You’ll Need

Determining How Much Rubber Mulch You’ll Need

Whether you’re filling a school playground or landscaping beds in a community center, you are faced with the same issue: How do you determine the amount of mulch to order? This is exactly why RMPUSA created the online rubber mulch coverage calculator.

To help you understand how to use our calculator to measure your mulch needs, here’s a look at the steps to follow:

  1. Use our online calculator. We’ve specially designed our rubber mulch coverage calculator to help you. Go to the calculator page on our site, and follow the prompts to figure out how much mulch to order. It’s that simple!
  2. Specify playground or landscape. The first factor to consider is where your mulch will be placed. Are you filling a school playground or a backyard garden? Will your mulch become a surface on which kids play or where plants grow? Choose either “Landscape & Garden Mulch” or “Playground Safety Mulch” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Determine your mulch’s depth. The depth of your mulch will impact how much of it you need. Depending on where you’re using it, you’ll want somewhere between 2 inches to 6 inches of depth. For basic landscaping, 2 inches is sufficient. For playgrounds, it’s safest to stick to somewhere between 3 inches (for standard residential play sets) to 6 inches (for commercial playgrounds or parks) — this helps cushion falls from 6 feet to 12 feet above ground.
  4. Input the area’s square footage. Measure the square footage of the area you want to fill with mulch, and put that amount in the “Area” section.
  5. Choose the shape of the area. From the “Shape” dropdown, pick “Rectangle/Square,” “Triangle” or “Circle.”
  6. Enter the measurements. Lastly, enter the width and length of your shape (in the case of squares, rectangles and triangles) or the diameter (in the case of circles).

After filling out all the prompts, the calculator will give you the estimated number of pallets you’ll need, rounded up. At this point, you’re ready to place an order. If you still have questions or want more information on how to measure for your application, contact us any time! Call our team at (888) 660-2451 or email [email protected].

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