Bulk Rubber Mulch

RMPUSA's Landscape Rubber Mulch is available in six long-lasting colors:

Dark Brown

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RRubber mulch is the professional landscapers first choice, and is becoming more and more popular every day. Wood mulches are prone to rot, settling, discoloration and scattering. Rubber, mulch, with its heavier and more durable quality, is the perfect ground cover. It never rots, never settles, never blows away, and comes in a variety of colors to make your landscaping even more beautiful.

Why RMPUSA Rubber Mulch?
  • Low maintenance
  • Protects against termite nesting
  • Won't float or blow away
  • Made from 100% recycled tires
  • 99.9% metal free for safety
  • Non-toxic & non-staining
  • Environmentally safe
  • Protects against mosquito nesting

Worried about the environment? Rubber mulch is a good option! It is made from the rubber from recycled tires, providing a great product through reuse. Avoid using pesticides in your garden! Wood mulch can attract pests and insects, and encourage mosquitoes to nest. Rubber mulch is free of these problems, and provides a clean, safe and comfortable ground cover that works for commercial or home gardens.

Our customers have used our landscaping mulch for their flower beds, trees, walkways, driveways, and more! They love that the weight means that they don't lose their ground cover throughout the season, and that there is no rot, settle, displacement, or pests to deal with. It is perfect for any garden because rubber mulch is non-toxic, metal and splinter free. Our rubber mulches are offered in a variety of colors, none of which will stain your clothing or surfaces, and we offer a 15 year limited guarantee on your purchase. There is no better option for landscaping groundcover.

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Color that Lasts for Years

Rubber mulch for landscaping can provide a distinctive look that will last. Wood mulch often fades a month after needs refreshed every year.

Won't Float or Blow Away

Heavier than wood mulch, rubber mulch won't float or blow away like wood mulch does.

Won't Attract Bugs

Rubber mulch doesn't hold water that leads to molding. It also doesn't attract bugs like termites.