Rubber Mulch Curbs

Is rubber mulch safe for dogs?

Spring is just around the corner and many home or business owners are getting ready. One common spring task is building, or repairing, your four-legged friend’s dog run or park. Many owners are simply tired of the unending maintenance demands of natural wood mulch or gravel options.

If this is the case for you, consider using rubber mulch for your pooches’ playground. Rubber mulch is safe for pets and easy to clean. Rubber mulch does not absorb odor or water, so hosing off urine and residual feces is simple. Equally important is the ability of rubber mulch to absorb impacts as your furry friend romps about. The United States’ Consumer Safety Commission has given rubber the highest shock absorption rating of any other mulching material. Not only does the improved impact absorption help prevent injuries during a fall or tumble, but it can also improve the long-term joint health of your pet by reducing the continuous joint impact.

One of the most common questions we receive is if rubber mulch is safe for dogs. The simple answer is “yes.” Quality rubber mulch is made 99.9% metal free, making it safe not only for pets, but also for children. The Environmental Protection Agency has studied rubber mulch and found it to be a safe, non- toxic material, posing no health hazards to pets or people.

Many consumers also ask if their dog is likely to chew on the mulch. Pets will occasionally chew on, well, anything, but this includes both wood and rubber ground covering materials (or shoes, dressers, or your favorite mug). As such, the same rules would apply to rubber mulch as would apply to any other typical surfacing. Dogs should always be closely supervised while they are in areas where they could access foreign objects, especially if your dog is prone to try to eat non-food objects. If your dog should swallow some material, most mulch (wood or rubber) is likely to pass without incident, however there is always risk of digestive blockages. Be sure to keep an eye on your dog if they do consume mulch (especially wood mulch since it is prone to splinter).

Rubber mulch is quickly gaining popularity throughout the US. It not only functions well, but it also has great “green” benefits, removing over 290 million used car tires per year. Freedom Bark Park in Lowell, Indiana, utilized rubber mulch in their design and was recently voted the best “green” dog park in the US by Top Dog Magazine, putting rubber mulch on the map.

If you have a specific question regarding your project, let us know and we’d be happy to get an answer for you. We hope that you will consider rubber mulch for your next pet project!

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