Black Shredded Rubber Mulch

How to make your horse arena safer with rubber mulch

Horse lovers are impassioned by their horses and riding, which makes them want to be around their horses more often. One thing for certain, horse owners wish not to spend a lot of time upkeeping the riding arena, instead, they’d rather spend a fun enjoyable time with their horse(s). Whether you are a horse arena owner/equestrian or a volunteer to help with the upkeep, it’s essential to be on the right footing material to help maintain the arena, so it can remain in the best shape it can possibly be in, for a LONG duration of time. Your horses will love you!

Many people may not be aware, but Rubber Mulch has been an important piece to the puzzle when it comes to equestrian activities for years now. This mulch is perfect for arenas, due to its soft cushioning outcome and it’s incredible, positive effects for any horse arena use. Insects or weeds no more and its gentle on the horses’ hooves. Here are some ways why it’s the perfect fit for you, your horse(s) and arena.

What is Rubber Mulch-

Rubber Mulch is created from recycled tires, in turn its effective and safe for your arena use. Environmentally speaking, it’s a wonderful way to do away with used car tire. Rubber Mulch helps prevent a hard slip, trip, or fall accidents, offering more protection for you and your horse, than any other organic footing material.

Installing Your Rubber Mulch-

There’s rumor out there, that installing rubber mulch is a difficult task. Well, I’m here to share with you, it’s fairly easy. To begin this project, you will need to remove any existing debris from your space, prior to doing your Rubber Mulch installation. When you do this, it helps the material lay evenly and the aesthetics will look great! Upon completing that, you want to place and spread out the Rubber Mulch in the desired area until it covers everything congruently. Then you are ready to use a rake to stamp down any unevenness or bumps to help create a well leveled area. This is an important key in helping avoid serious injuries and it looks good. Finally, some people prefer to use edging material such as boards around the perimeter to keep everything neat and contained, that will be your call.

No Moisture Held-

Because this product is moisture resistant, there’s no concern over mold or fungi developing. Moisture resistance helps prevent any type of disease that is manufactured on the surface of the rubber. This will in turn be safe for your horse. The rubber drains moistness well, all the way through to the bottom. The pieces have weight to them, which means it won’t float. The Rubber Mulch also helps to insulate the ground and helps prevent from freezing in cold temperatures.



Controls Dust-

Rubber Mulch helps control dust that horses kick up. A dusty arena may be dangerous to all parties involved, including a horse, especially in warm weather. If the horse breaths in a lot of dust this can become cause for serious health concern to their lungs creating lung conditions. Let’s not forget, this product helps lessen the dust in your eyes as well. Some people will wet the ground down, however, they are risking injury to their horse. If you’re also trying to keep your water bill down, this isn’t the way to do it. Should you choose to go the Rubber Mulch way for footing, its practically dust free and you’ll save on your water bill, since it doesn’t have to be watered down. Rubber Mulch footing doesn’t give off dust, so you don’t have to be concerned about your horse with anything that may provide discomfort to them. When using Rubber Mulch, whether its muddy or dry footing, your horse(s) will have traction, which will increase their comfort and safety during their experience.

Shock Absorbency-

Rubber Mulch is appreciated by many horse riders, especially the first time they test it out. And I’m sure if the horse can talk, they’d be saying, thank you! Because of its rubber spring absorbency, the rider can feel the difference immediately during the entire ride, compared to the traditional horse footing they’ve used in the past. A horse’s lamina of the hoof gets affected and inflamed over time when riding on a hard surface. This is just one of the reasons why the ailment Laminitis on a horse occurs. The other factors are created by the horse being overweight or inactive. If ignored, this can cause serious health issues, irreversible pain, and damage to the horse. With Rubber Mulch as your horse arena footing, you’ll reduce the impact on your horses’ hooves and over all body. Come rain or shine, knowing that there’s Rubber Mulch underneath you and the horse, you’ll help reduce any stress or concern you may have regarding the affect it may have on you both. Additionally, Rubber Mulch helps improve the horse’s performance due to the gentleness placed on the ankles and hooves. Should the rider fall off the horse, the Rubber Mulch will add some reliable safety and spring.

Less TLC-

The maintenance time spent on caring for your mulch is drastically reduced, when you choose to use Rubber Mulch for your horse arena. All you’ll have to do is give it a good raking, much less than you normally would with organic material. The alternative footing material typically used is, wood chips, pine, sand, or straw needles, which can be a nuisance after a ride, due to it becoming messy. The wind can pick up and blow it around and the dust can become unhealthy to you and your horse. The organic material will consistently need to be smoothed out and leveled often, which will take up a lot of your time. The upkeep for Rubber Mulch is profoundly easier. My research showed, arena handlers found that they don’t have to pay much attention to the maintenance of the track or barn for at least a couple years. In addition, pests, termites, critters, weeds and fungi, no more!

Price Tag-

Initially the price for Rubber Mulch will be higher to purchase, than the organic material that you’ve grown accustomed to. But keep in mind, after weighing everything out, from safety, durability, less maintenance, etc.., you will come to find out that you’ve made out well and let’s not forget, saved yourself money in the long run.

Equestrian enthusiasts desire riding comfort for themselves and their horse(s). It makes for a safe, fun, and enjoyable ride, knowing that the care for you and your horse is top notch! By investing in high quality Rubber Mulch from RMP USA, you’ll be creating happiness for you and your horse(s). Additionally, creating an attractive jaw dropping outdoor space, that will last you a very long time. There’s nothing to lose and tons to gain!

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