Bulk Rubber Mulch

Designed specifically for equestrian surfacing applications, our 99.9% wire-free equestrian arena surface material is a great value, aesthetically pleasing, and improves safety for both the rider and the horse. The advantages don't stop with just safety, however. Equestrian rubber mulch also:

  • Helps to protect raiders & horses from falls
  • Helps to reduce stress-related injuries to horses or riders
  • Never decomposes, reducing dust and mud
  • Won't blow or wash away
  • Low maintenance - 12 Year Warranty
  • Discourages insects and rodents
  • Non-Toxic, Low-Odor
  • Helps remove rubber tires from landfills

We know the long-term health of your horse matters to you. Rubber arena footing helps prevent stress-related injuries by offering a firm, but forgiving surface for both horse and rider. The elastic surface allows for excellent traction and shock-absorption, allowing rider and horse to perform at their best for years to come.

Rubber mulch has a durable, attractive finish that will last for over a decade in the most demanding of environments. The reduction of dust, mud, and erosion make maintenance a breeze for many applications.

Our natural rubber mulch is renowned for use in military grounds, athletic centers, paintball courses, hiking trails, and dog parks throughout the nation. It is the perfect ground cover for any area that is under extremely heavy use.

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Natural Rubber Mulch
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