Blue Landscape Rubber Mulch

Choosing the right color rubber mulch for your yard or playground

I may be dating myself, but who else, wishes they had different color choices of Rubber Mulch for their Yard or Playground as we were growing up? Not sure about you, however, I typically played on dirt, cement, pebbles, grass, and at times wood chips. OUCH!… I have head to toe scars to show.
Typically, color brightens a person’s mood and soul. When you throw a splash of color around your home and or space, a feeling of joy overcomes you while you are walking, playing, planting or simply viewing? Have you ever pulled up to your home after working on a landscape project and said to yourself, “Wow, looks SO pretty!”, “I worked hard on that for days!” “So happy I did that! A great sense of pride takes over and you find yourself patting your back. Why Not?! You deserve it!! Well now, let’s magnify that by a “ton”. Get it…A “TON”? (That’s how much our pallets weigh) … AND Pun intended, you’re welcome. But all kidding aside, let us now, just imagine, how your Home, Playground or Public Community space would look after you’ve purchased and placed the brilliant color that you’ve chosen in Rubber Mulch. Well, I can guarantee you, you’re gonna be the talk of the neighborhood with your neighbor’s curiosity running at an all-time high. Not to say that’s always important, but it does provide good feels and most of all “YOU” are enjoying the choice you made and work that you did! They may ask questions like, What is that?! Where did you get that from?! This product is well loved by many!

Before choosing a color, I recommend taking a deep breath, before making your color choice. We can empathize with you here, choosing the right color for your project and space can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we’re here to help! Our skilled team at RMP USA makes it a point to educate and guide you through the entire process.

Red / Black / Brown / Blue/ Green / Unpainted Black
The beautiful, vibrant, and bright colors of RED, BLACK, BROWN, BLUE, and GREEN will make any adult or child feel joy and happiness while enjoying their landscape project or activity on the playground. These colors will stand the test of time and will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. In some instances, the warranty is up to 12 years with your TLC.
Landscape- If you’re thinking of a landscape project and you’d like to place the Rubber Mulch around foliage or dark green colors just about any color will work. If you’re thinking about placing Rubber Mulch around a flower bed, select a color that doesn’t work against the color of your flowers. Say for example, you’ve planted Red Roses; the recommendation would be Green or Black Rubber Mulch around the flower bed. You won’t be making a mistake, if you also choose Brown for your outdoor flower bed space. If you’re interested in placing this around the perimeter of your home, for example, you have gray siding or gray paint on your home, what’s recommended is Black, Blue or Red Rubber Mulch. Another example would be, if your home has Red Brick on it, then Brown or Black Mulch is suggested. Among all the colors. Red Rubber Mulch comes in as the most popular for a Rubber Mulch project.

Playground- If you are interested in a Playground Rubber Mulch project and you can’t decide what color to choose, we can help. Let’s say, your play set is Green then it would be a wise choice to go with Black, Brown, or Red and sometimes even Blue. Yes, I said Blue! It all depends on how much of an “out of the box”, type person you truly are! If you are a visionary, then you can imagine how this can work and still look great! Now, let’s say your play set is Red, what’s suggested is Brown, Black, Green, or Blue Rubber Mulch. Contrast is always good, and you can never go wrong. Your kids will be thrilled!

In a nutshell, if you’re seeking an alternative way to the traditional landscape or playground mulch, Rubber Mulch is the way to go! With a brilliant variety of colors available to you, you’ll have many opportunities to make your space look wonderful. Your landscaping and playground will become more attractive and much easier to maintain. Doesn’t everyone want that?!

If homeowners are building a home swing set the most common thing to do is to match the rubber mulch to the accent color on the set itself. Since red accents are particularly popular, that’s one of the reasons that red rubber mulch is such a common choice. However, blue and green are also popular choices to go along with the clean white vinyl base of the sets, so green rubber mulch and blue rubber mulch also see frequent use, too.

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