Bulk Rubber Mulch

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At RMPUSA, we specialize in professional commercial playground equipment, including first in class swing sets and rubber ground cover for premium safety. We offer special pricing for churches, schools, daycares, home owners associations (HOA), and government municipalities. We also can offer more than just industrial setups! RMP has a wide selection of residential play sets. Call us today for a quick, comprehensive quote!

Age Range


Child Capacity

Silver Springs (Natural)
Youth Hideaway
Continental Divide (Playful)
Toddler Town Center
Youth Shelter
Toddler City
Toddler City Center
Chases' Channel (Playful)
Dallas Creek (Natural)
Timber Canyon (Natural)
Timber Canyon (Playful)
Gross Motor Development Pyramid Climbing Net- Not Cpsc
Toddler Town Center
Exploration Zone 5 W/ Ground Spike
Activity Playhome- Accessible
Standard Playhome
Exploration Zone 2, No Roof W/ Anchor Bolt
Continental Divide (Natural)
Playhouse Without Floor
Wild West (Colorful)
Dallas Creek (Colorful)
Solar Shaded 8' Square Sandbox
Whirlybird Helicopter
Compact Playhouse
Blake- Accessible
Chases' Channel (Natural)
Whirlybird Helicopter
Scale & Explore Cave, Inground (Letter & Number Handholds) Playful
Tri-Panel Alcove
Floorless Playhouse
Breezeway Playhouse
Wild West (Natural)
Bean Stalk, Roof, W/Anchor Bolt
Sandbox 15' Octagon (Exc. Sandy Falls Rock)
Triple Waterway
Garden Potting Shed
Boulder Top
Play And Peek
Heaps 'O Learning 4- Panel Natural
Walk Through Alcove
Play And Peek
Green Thumb Potting Shed
Little Seeds, No Roof, W/Anchor Bolt
Silver Springs (Playful)
Scale & Explore Cave, Inground (Standard Handholds) Natural
The Great Outdoors
Plasyscape Slide
Cruise With Me Ct Natural
Exploration Zone 1, No Roof W/ Ground Spike
Totter 'N Crawl Sd Natural
Jackson Ridge (Playful)
Sandbox 10' Square (Exc. Sandy Falls Rock)
Cruise With Me Ct Playful
Bigtube Intersection
Little Seeds, Roof, W/Ground Spike
Independent 4' Slide (Playful)
Large Tube Crossroad
Totter 'N Crawl Sd Playful
All Hands On Deck Bow- Surface Mount
Heaps 'O Learning 4- Panel Playful
Hangin' Out Overhead Ladder
Double Basin Bipod Swing W/4Toddler Seats- Green Yokes
Crawl Through Playhouse
Musical Scale Xylophone
Exploration Zone 4 W/ Ground Spike
Jackson Ridge (Natural)
Paint 'N Play
Bean Stalk, Roof, W/Ground Spike
Double Basin Bipod Swing W/4 Strap Seats- Blue Yokes
Twisting Labyrinth
Chime Panel - Freestanding
Heaps 'O Learning 2- Panel Playful
Tactile Math Learning Panel- Freestanding
Totter 'N Crawl Ct Natural
Crawl Tunnel
Cruise With Me Sd Natural
Single Basin Bipod Swing W/2 Toddler Seats- Blue Yokes
Double Basin Bipod Swing W/4 Toddler Seats- Blue Yokes
Exploration Zone 2, No Roof W/ Ground Spike
Standard Playhouse
Exploration Zone 5 W/ Anchor Bolt
Sensory Stand 'N Sand Table
Crawl Through Tunnel
Double Basin Bipod Swing W/4 Strap Seats- Green Yokes
Playpod Reading Circle
Toddler Pull-Up Mirror
Double Basin Bipod Swing W/2 Strap Seats & 2 Toddler Seats- Blue Yokes
Education Puddle
Us Map Panel - Freestanding
Freestanding Puppet Show Panel
Growing Garden Planter
Single Basin Bipod Swing W/2 Strap Seats- Green Yokes
Horizontal Ladder 2-5 (Junior) (Blue)
Schoolhouse Freestanding Panel
Pull-Up Mirror
Freestanding Bubble Panel
Fire Station Panel - Freestandng
Chatter Bug
Overhead Ladder
Post Office Panel - Freestanding
Seasons Panel - Freestanding
Single Basin Bipod Swing W/2 Strap Seats- Blue Yokes
Spring See-Saws Kit
Shapes 'N Sizes Freestanding Panel
Point 'N Follow Finger Maze Freestanding Panel
Freestanding Bubble Panel
Time To Learn Clock Panel- Freestanding
Meteorology Freestanding Panel
Object Recognition Panel - Freestanding
Touchmath Panel - Freestanding
Totter 'N Crawl Ct Playful
Veranda Playhouse
Airplane Panel - Freestanding
Turning Bars
Double Waterway
Heaps 'O Learning 2- Panel Natural
Duo Spring Rider
Activity Playhouse
Dolphin Spring Rider
Puppet Theater Panel - Freestanding
Friendship Table W/ Hdpe Top
Gallery Panel Freestanding
Motorcycle Spring Rider
All Hands On Deck Bow- Inground Mount
Shapes Panel - Freestanding
Playful Paint
House Panel - Freestanding
Little Seeds, Roof, W/Anchor Bolt
Rockin' Drum - Freestanding
School Panel - Freestanding
Paint 'N Play Double Sided
Toddler Pull-Up Bar
Long'S Peak (Natural)
American Sign Language Freestanding Panel
Firehouse Freestanding Panel
Construction Digger
Exploration Zone 4 W/ Anchor Bolt
Horizontal Ladder 5-12 (Blue)
Puddle Play
General Post Office Freestanding Panel
Whistle - Freestanding
Freestanding Bell Wall
Gallery Panel Freestanding
Green Thumb Planter
Double Basin Bipod Swing W/2 Strap Seats & 2 Toddler Seats- Green Yokes
Kinder Crossing
Playful Paint Dual Sided
Hide 'N Dive Freestanding
Motion Passage Tunnel
Junior Synchro Spinner
Rotation Bars
Construction Digger
Finger Maze Panel - Freestanding
Sensory Table
Homestead Freestanding Panel
Hide N' Dive
Sign Language Panel - Freestanding
Freestanding Airline Panel
Seasonal Freestanding Panel
Exploration Zone 1, No Roof W/ Anchor Bolt
Ground Level Climbing Dome Challenge- 4 Shells
Expanded Ec Dome Climber
Handy Construction Digger
Growing Garden Bed
Freestanding Waterwheel
Sea Horse Spring Rider
Truck Spring Rider Kit
Craw, Tunnel
Child Pull-Up Bar
Little Seeds, No Roof, W/Ground Spike
Cruise With Me Sd Playful
Object Naming Match Panel- Freestanding
Whistle - Freestanding
Freestanding Drum
Balance Beams
Freestanding Communication Tubes
Coordination Balance Beams
Wall Mount Mirror
Friendship Table W/ Slat Top
Clock Panel - Freestanding
Freestanding Take A Closer Look Telescope
Handy Construction Digger
Embankment Slide
Freestanding Drum
Reflection Wall Mount Mirror
50 States Freestanding Panel
Horse Spring Rider Kit
Single Basin Bipod Swing W/2Toddler Seats- Green Yokes
Weather Panel Freestanding