Bulk Rubber Mulch

Whether you’re looking for a safer surface at a playground or an eco-friendly option for landscaping, rubber mulch is the solution. RMPUSA offers a variety of rubber mulch products, from landscape rubber mulch to equestrian arena footing — all available at cost-effective, wholesale prices, direct to the public.

To give you a better idea of how this product works, here’s a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get at RMPUSA.

Is rubber mulch safe?

Yes! Our rubber mulch is completely non-toxic and 99.9% wire-free. Wherever you use it, it creates a soft, cushioned floor that acts like a shock absorber.

Where does the rubber come from?

Our rubber mulch is 100% made of recycled tires. It’s an environmentally friendly solution, as well as safe and attractive.

What are the color options?

We offer rubber mulch in a variety of colors: brown, black, cypress, red, green, blue, silver, camo blend and unpainted.

Can the mulch color rub off on clothes or skin?

No. All of our mulch colors are made not to stain skin or clothes.

How does it compare to wood mulch?

There are several reasons why rubber mulch outperforms wood mulch. It lasts longer, for one thing — while wood mulch may need to be replaced every year, rubber mulch can last for decades. Likewise, it requires almost no upkeep, doesn’t rot or decompose, and won’t easily blow away. It’s also a greener option than traditional wood mulch.

Will it wash out?

No. One of the perks of rubber mulch is that it’s not prone to washing out and running down driveways or sidewalks.

How does it hold up to weeds?

Rubber mulch is naturally weed-resistant. This means you don’t need to install a weed barrier because rubber mulch already dramatically reduces the likelihood of weed growth.

How long will it last?

More than 20 years! Our rubber mulch is known for its durability. Even though it requires less upkeep than traditional wood mulch, it lasts decades.

How can I get it delivered?

RMPUSA offers curbside and dump-truck delivery of orders, depending on your needs. Because we warehouse both playground and landscape mulches, we can get them to you within a few days of your order. If you have an especially large order, we offer factory-direct shipping from eight states, helping to reduce your costs.

To ask another question about our rubber mulch or to request a quote, contact RMPUSA today!